January 2018

Opal Transfer Email campaign was a boom! We are happy with the numbers, the client is happy with the numbers too. Next campaign will be even better! Welcome Opal Transfer to our advertising network.


Yeap! We did it. The announcement from Google that we hit 10 million views was a show stopper. Is a big number advertising wise, but it comes after a lot of struggle and baby steps.We are more then happy, to see it achieved. 

Thank you all, that made this dream possible.

PCS Team


Tudcom is the leading provider for CSCS Training and NVQ in Health and Safety in London UK. We are pleased to announce, that our advertising solutions are helping this company right now, to get to the top on this particular field.

Welcome Tudcom into our advertising network! 


A new client is using our Advertising Network. EuroWin Solutions is one of the fastest growing romanian accountancy company in London and with our team effort, we hope for even better results in the future.


We are pleased to announce that we have installed our new Billing and Clients area! We are extremely excited about this incredible opportunity! Stay connected with us for the following time and welcome into our Advertising Network.


United Kingdom

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